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  • Have you had three ear infections within six months or four ear infections within a year?

  • Have you had three months of middle ear fluid with hearing loss?

  • Do you have an intolerance to antibiotics?

  • Has your primary care provider deemed you a candidate for ear tubes?

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Message us online or
text "Ear Tubes" to 952-395-2500

You will receive a brief form to fill out on your computer or smartphone. Dr. Boone will then personally contact you at your requested time using your preferred mode of communication (phone or video chat). We also offer in-person consultations within two business days. 


During your visit, Dr. Boone will verify your candidacy for ear tubes, determine if a pre-procedure hearing test is necessary, screen for more concerning conditions, and discuss procedure location possibilities (usually in clinic or at a low-cost surgery center).  

Dr. Boone has treated thousands of pediatric patients and looks forward to providing you with a premiumconvenient ear tube experience! 

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